“I have seen more doctors – both alternative and traditional – over the years than I can enumerate.

Not one has even come close to Prajna. Her healings have diminished my anxiety level

tremendously; she has enabled me to connect with an inner calm that serves to anchor me when the

world is storming around me.Having multiple chronic health and ‘life-situation’ problems, I initially

figured it would take a while to see some results. Was I wrong! I saw immediate tangible effects on all

three levels: mental, physical and spiritual. I feel so incredibly blessed that our paths have crossed.”


-Helen Nicholson, Beverly, MA



"I injured my knee and was unable to exercise for several monthsdue to the pain. After one massage session with Prajna, my knee was about 80% better. I can't wait for the next session."


-Liz Keffe, Waltham, MA



"While I could fill pages with my own experiences with Prajna, I would simply tell anyone that has the opportunity to go to her to just DO IT! Her work creates the expansion for understanding your life’s purpose, healing past wounds and being in the world from a place of connectedness and groundedness. She is a truly gifted healer and has been a healing presence in my life for the past two years. The sessions have given me a much better understanding of my own “story” from a place of wisdom and clarity."


-Patricia Alandydy RN, Portsmouth, NH




"It is clear from the onset of your first session with her, that this masterful healer truly enjoys a deep heartfelt connection with her clients and that the work she does feeds her soul.

Prajna has the rare gift of objective clairvoyance. She sees her clients, she sees me, for who they truly are. This helps for meaningful and life changing healing sessions.

With Prajna in my life, guiding me and mentoring me to be the most authentic and empowered version of myself yet, I feel free; I feel loved; I feel nurtured; and I feel believed in.

This work is not for the faint of heart, especially when conducted with a powerhouse like Prajna. Yielding such natural talent and prowess might prove too much for some, but not for Prajna. She keeps a firm grip on the reins of her healing abilities, and creates a safe and deeply comforting experience for me every time I work with her.

If you have the chance to, work with this woman. She is a phenomenal healer. I just adore her."


-Stefanie DelPrete, Wilmington, New Zealand



“Prajna is a naturally gifted and brilliant healer. During my time with her, she has consistently beenpatient, honest, kind, humorous, wise, generous and caring. The work has not always been easy, butit’s become clear to me that it’s the most important work a person can do. Prajna’s integrity is withoutquestion, and she has earned my complete trust, respect and appreciation.” 


-Rena Wade, Yarmouthport, MA



"Prajna is a highly attuned and gifted healer. She has the ability to listen attentively and respond to the whole person with compassion and humor, when appropriate!"


-Ellen Anavadya, Boston, MA



"I had the pleasure to experience a group healing with Prajna last night at the Centered Heart Studio in Bedford NH. This was a magical evening with a group of souls coming together for the purpose of a healing, uniting with energy and guided with love by a gifted healer. I recommend this experience to everyone. I was reminded last night that as healers, we must make time for our healing on a regular basis. I will see you soon Prajna."


-Ellen Bent, Tucksberry, MA



"Prajna is a very sensitive person who has very loving energy. For two years she was by my side through one of the most difficult phases of my life. She made all the difference in helping me go forward even when there were no visible paths ahead of me. She didn’t protect me against feeling pain or suffering. Instead, she taught me how to dive into the pain and search it’s roots for healing. She helped me find my strength and my mastery."


-Wilma Bolsoni, Sao Paulo, Brazil



"I had the most amazing massage experience with Prajna. Certainly one that I will never forget. Prajna took note of exactly what I needed in terms of body work and took our session a step further by imparting so much knowledge and positive energy into my session. She is one of the sweetest and most loving people I have ever come across and I would recommend her services to anyone that is looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience. Thank you again Prajna! I will be seeing you soon.


-Caitie May, Danvers, MA



"The energy healings were fundamental for my absolute recovery from surgery. Peace and trust filled my body and spirit since the beginning of the work and until the post surgical treatment. I felt no fear. I went home and felt no pain! I am deeply grateful."


-José Vicente, Brighton, MA



"As well as serving as my teacher and supervisor at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Prajna also guided me in my own journey – during the most difficult moments. She helped me to reach my heart with her compassion and sensitivity. As I write these lines, I can sense her loving and caring heart."


-Marco Ho, Sao Paulo, Brazil



"I have attended both group and private healings with Prajna. Her compassion and kindness toward each individuals personal growth is wonderful and genuine. I always leave her studio feeling blessed."


-Cath Fonzo, Ipswich, MA



"Prajna is one of the most gifted healers of our time. Her gift of channeling the divine, of assisting others in remembering that they are held and safe, and the gentle way she offers you her full presence is nothing less of extraordinary. What can’t be healed with that level of care and nurturance? Just by being near her, one feels the transmission of total love, joy and light."


-Joy Adler, Albany, NY



"Prajna’s healings eased my anxiety regarding the whole surgical experience. I was able to feel the healing energy as she stood holding my feet. I was able to return home the same day. Usually patients go home the day after!"


-Mary Lebanon, Boston, MA



"I have been getting massages for over twenty years. This was the best massage ever! Great pressure, great communication, and exactly what I asked for. Amazing!"


-Laura White, Ipswich, MA



"I felt so relaxed and supported during my massage in a way I had not felt before. Prajna’s gentle and intent spirit to heal came through very much. I feel so relaxed, and more connected to myself as a whole."


-Susan B., Ipswich MA



"Prajna's knowledge, love, intuition, joy and open hearted expertise has helped me to once again remember my true nature! All the other nonsense falls away. So grateful to have her in my life... She is truly gifted and blessed."


-Kim Smith, Marblehead, MA



"Karen and I booked massages with Prajna. I like deep tissue; karen likes a mix. Prajna was right on it for both of us. Her energy work training adds something deeper to her massages. We will be back regularly!"


-Jack Esher, Beverly, MA



"As a distance runner I need to make sure to take care of the rest part of the training cycles. I made an appointment with Prajna on very short notice and she was super flexible with the scheduling to make sure I was able to visit. After a wonder massage I left feeling a thousand times better, ready for the next run. Already planning the next visit! Thank you Prajna I would recommend you to anyone and everyone!!!"


-Lee Libelo, Wenham, MA



"Prajna did a tremendous job of supporting my daughter who had a medical health crisis recently. She worked long distance with my daughter, and was able to assist in really helping her body, mind spirit and emotion, while also helping me stay centered through the chaos. She uses her experience and knowledge of the medical, as well as her expertise as a body worker, and world renowned healer, from ancient Brazilian lineage to create a container for healing. She misses nothing, and offers in my opinion, the best bridge between the allopathic and alternative. When you feel like you’re “falling through the cracks’ of the medical world, or in your therapy, Prajna may be the answer to your prayers, as she was for me and my family."


-Joy Adler, Albany, NY



"First time I have ever gotten a massage. It was fantastic. I will be going back"


-Kim Peckham, Beverly, MA


"I had two massage sessions with Prajna this past month. Massages are intended to be relaxing and help your body heal. Prajna is very aware of that. Her massage room is very tranquil, clean, and away from any noise and with a beautiful view overlooking the water. All these make it perfect to help you relax. 
Before the session, she took the time to ask how I wanted the massage and if I had any specific area which I needed her to add more pressure. During the session, she kept asking if things were going as expected or if I needed her to change anything. In the end, I felt that she had used just the right amount of pressure. I highly recommend her services. Prajna is very passionate about what she does."


-Cassia Silva, Somerville, MA
















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