Energy Healing:


Energy healing sessions are customized according to each client’s specific needs. A


wide variety of techniques are used, as well as High Sense Perception in reading the 


client’s Energy Field for optimal treatment, channeling, and recommendations for 


what each client could do at home to maximize the benefits of healing.



Sessions are done long distance.

You will be in the comfort of your own home,


with no distractions, and able to take 

as much time for integration as you would like.

Please email for rates. Sessions can be one hour or one and a half hours. 

Group healing sessions available by request:




*Please inquire here for upcoming group sessions or call to schedule one for your own group.



Integrative sessions at your home - Massage and Healing!   (Not being offered at this time)


In this session you will receive a massage plus energy work throughout!!


This is the perfect combination for a full spectrum healing for both the physical and the emotional bodies!!


Sessions are an hour and a half, so we will have plenty of time to address both areas. 




          Massage Therapy:


Massage sessions not being offered at this time



Please inquire here for more details.









Gift Certificates Available