We are meant to heal, be happy and feel fulfilled!!


Throughout our lives, healing is available to each and every one of us in variety of forms. 

We are meant to go towards a healthier and happier place, to continue growing from where we currently are at any given moment. 


By making the choice to invite healing into our lives, and by being proactive in each step towards that goal, we will effortlessly experience a deeper sense of fulfillment 

each day.


Energy healing is a powerful tool in helping us achieve this aspect of our birthright. 


Whether you are looking for an empowering and transformative Energy Healing session, physical or emotional healing, help in connecting to your life's purpose, or anything else that may be blocking you from your happiest and most present experience in life, I am honored to help you achieve your goals.


In Sanskrit, the word “prajna” means innate spiritual wisdom. It also refers to transitioning from darkness into light, from struggle into peace. Let us allow this ancient mantra to be our guide in your healing journey.



Prajna Avalon